Connecting Multiple Viewing Platforms
with New Technology

Linked Media

Linked Media is a production company with a difference.
We deliver high quality original television formats with uniquely encoded applications for broadcasters.
We believe the future of interactive television will rely predominantly on
synchronised media though smartphone and tablets.

TV must engage this digital market in order to keep the viewers it currently loses to Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook
and other major streaming services. We bring the viewers back!

We are a television production company whose expertise lies in the areas of format development,
creation, production and distribution. We deliver high quality "encoded" TV formats (shows) for global

An entertainment company
with a difference

Our formats feature a new encoding technology that enables us to deliver interactivity on a new level.

We create formats that sell, our team have created and produced original formats in over 20 territories with over 3 billion interactive participantions.

We deliver interactive TV for the next generation.

A.I. A truely interactive experience, it is the first game show ever where anyone watching anyway can play and
win, the viewers are the contestants.

We produce light entertainment, sports, reality and talent based formats.
We design formats to fit your unique

Television must re-engage its audience

Apple and Android are delivering 2 billion apps a month. Smartphones and tablets are selling in the
hundreds of millions. Viewers (especially younger) are devouring apps and these devices. Up to 60% of all TV
viewers are using smartphones or tablets whilst

Broadcasters needs to re-engage and be 'Linked' and therefore monetise this second screen experience.

We offer the leading cutting edge shows that will drive this market.


I am fascinated by the notion of 'orchestrated media' - where the show you are watching triggers extra material on your tablet or mobile, synchronized with the programme.
Eric Schmidt Chairman Google Inc.
Testimonial - from Eric Schmidt to Lincoln Mardell during a BBC visit
and demo for the App for the Antiques Roadshow